v.  ri-fresh'

to revive or reinvigorate, to renew by stimulation, update, to become fresh again, to enliven as by adding new decoration, to cheer


Reduce and Reuse

Organizing doesn't have to mean going out and spending a fortune on fancy organizing units. You probably don't need more storage. First we will reduce what you have and then we will reuse what you've got.  Move some furniture around and use it in a different way. You would be surprised at how REFRESHED you feel!

Keep What You Love

 Photo Credit:  S hannon nering

Photo Credit: Shannon nering

Only keep something if it truly fills you with joy.  Display the things that you love and that hold great memories.

Homemade is Beautiful

You can make a gallery out of almost anything! Don't hide all those great works of art your kids have made for you.  Pull out that special momento you've had packed away and display it.