Frequently Asked Questions

 hoto Credit: shannon nering

Do I need to work alongside you?

 The short answer is - sometimes.  During the initial purge stage I will definitely need some help from you and that might be in the form of 'homework' if you are not around when I'm working.  I am a former teacher after all!  I would never throw something away or donate it without ok from you, so you will need to be around here and there.  I can always pop by after work or on the weekend for a short time to get some yes or no answers from you!

 hoto Credit: Shannon Nering

What are your rates?

 My billing rate starts at $50 per hour, including a free one-hour consultation before we start.   We can also figure out a payment system based on a project basis.

 I am also available for a 'Refresh Day' which includes a half-hour consultation, followed by a 5 hour day where we work together and tackle as much as we can for a discounted rate of $200.

If you are happy to purge and change things around on your own, but need some advice and help getting started then I am also available for a 1 1/2 hour consultation for $50.  Gift certificates are also available!