Heather has just the right approach when it comes to cleaning out the clutter. Practical, resourceful and supremely organized she has a knack for knowing how to reduce, repurpose and reorganize. The end result is more space, beauty and harmony.
— Tanis K., North Vancouver
Heather has ‘refreshed’ many areas of my home and work studio over the years. What a relief it was to have her come in to my various messes and reassure me that my clutter was just a normal byproduct of a busy family life. Heather has a very focused and caring nature which makes you feel comfortable. She has a no nonsense, common sense approach to everything she does. My work studio is a somewhat unique and individual artistic space that I thought only I could understand. I was shocked when Heather came in and used her functional approach to reorganize my space. The organization has resulted in my time being focused on the work instead of looking for that ‘little bit’ of something I couldn’t find before. I highly recommend her service.
— Stacey B., Lions Bay
Heather came in for a few hours one afternoon for an office make-over. I didn’t believe we could get through it in a half day (my office is jam packed with office crap, kids art supplies, books, myriad junk) but we did. Wow, is she fast! She intuitively knows what to toss, what to keep and what might be special or sentimental. She also know where best to place things for function. We worked together which as great for me - after all, it’s personal space. I had a little bit of homework and voila…organization meets Zen office. Thank you Heather! Now come and do my kitchen!
— Shannon N., West Vancouver